Okazaki: About the city Photos

A cute little park located jut down the road. Okazaki has these small park areas spread throughout the city along with ponds (further photos soon). Makes a nice break when wandering along the busy streets.

One (of many) main streets. The multi-lane road with business along both sides in common throughout the city.

Sakura at the high school entrance. Every morning I get to follow the students in uniform as they (and I) head to classes.... quite happy though that Yamasa doesn't have a uniform policy. Brrr. Could not imagine wearing the skirts (with socks) and jackets in the recent cool weather.

Another large road.

Aeon mall with two large department stores, one of which is Justco. Well, this picture is only 1/2 of the mall. It is so big that it has two paths inside the building named West St. and East St. And signs directing customers to these 'streets'. Plus it has a foreign food store! No more $60 1 hour train ride.... 20 minutes walking and I can get my hands on the same goods as were in Takamatsu. I may miss Niihama but this nearby shop helps lessen some of that pain.

Random Canadian money advertising a second hand store. This was completely surprising and strange since it is the backside of the 25 cent coin, so is a picture of Queen Elizabeth. Not sure what the kanji says... but the katakana is "pu ra (?) (?)". I am having trouble reading the last two since they use a strange script stye.

Statue at the front of Okazaki Station.

Coy banners for Children's festival at a local park.

Another nearby park with large play area, equipment, sign and many trees.

An area where two important historical battles took place just down the road from school.

Close up of the plaque.

The second battle location.

Statue at the location.

Information and statues.

Close up of an aged stone.