Okazaki: Home Sweet Home Photos

The student dormitory entrance.

Hour #1: No moving room due to a ton of luggage. There was a wooden structure (like a box spring but no spring) to put the futon on and small bookcase.

The original desk and chair area.

Hour #24: Original room set-up: bedroom area.

Original room set-up: Desk and bookshelf area. The futon area is to the left of the bookshelf so would have been a hazard. However, easy to reach books..etc..

Original room set-up: sitting area.

Hour #120: New room set-up: Desk area. Now the bookshelf is sandwiched between the wall and desk which makes it convenient for reaching books ...etc.. Also, I can now spread out notes on the futon as well.

New room set-up: Futon area. Against the wall is the box spring with the legs removed and covered with the thai cloth to make it better looking.

New room set-up: Sitting area remains the same but now with easy to reach hot chocolate, hot water kettle..etc..

New room set-up: Door and kettle area.