Nagoya: Castle Photos


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Castle sign with sakura in the background.

The outer moat lined with overflowing sakura.

The large area between the inner and outer moat.

Japanese nutmeg (kaya-no-ki) bush which is believed to be over 600 years old.

The castle building among a cloud of sakura.

I think this was the Southwest tower.... not 100% sure.

Along the outer moat again.

The Donjon from a distance.

Nishinomaru Exhibit Hall where paper dolls of the parade of the lord were on display.

A close up of the samurai paper dolls. Very detailed.

A performer in the courtyard of the Donjon. He did a magic trick with a rubix cube which it was behind his back.

Same performer juggling while balancing on cans.

Entrance to the Donjon.

View of Nagoya from the top of the Donjon.

Overlooking the city.

View of the main gate from the Donjon. The original name for this gate was Nishinomaru-enokida gate but had to be rebuilt in 1959.



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