Hikone City: Hikone-jo (Castle) & Genkyu-en (Garden) Photos

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Taiko-mon-yagura tower (Important National Cultural Asset) were a drum would be used to send messages.

The other side of Taiko-mon-yagura tower.

View from inside Taiko-mon-yagura tower.

Flowers near Tenshu. I think these are sakura (cherry blossoms)... but they could be ume (plum blossoms).

Tenshu Main Keep of the castle (National Treasure) is a stunning building at the top of the small mountain. It has three floors and a total height of 21 meters.

Stairs inside Tenshu were really really steep.... really really really steep. Each step was about 2/3rds of a foot and had a height of about 1 foot. There were many volunteers to help visitors up and down the staircases.

View of Lake Biwa from the inside of Tenshu. I didn't get the chance to get to the shore though in person.

One of the volunteers offered to take this picture in front of a picture of the castle grounds. He was really nice and friendly.

Outside of Tenshu.

View of Hikone from the castle grounds around Tenshu.

Inside view of the castle.

Path from Hikone Castle to Genkyu-en garden. This was a beautiful spot where the stone walls opened to show the forest area.

Bridge along the path.

Tea house outside of Genkyu-en.

Along the path of Genkyu-en.

Genkyu-en tea house on right side.

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