Travel Journal: Memories of Niihama


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Sep 7th 2007
My new apartment
Sep 8th 2007
The story of the bike
Sep 14th 2007 Literacy lesson at a bank.
Sep 20th 2007
Lizards and Quail Eggs
Sep 22nd 2007
Sports day at the Niihama Elementary School
Oct 16th 2007 Trying to be smart doesn`t work
Oct 16th 2007
The 4am Taiko parade to a Temple in the Mountains
Oct 18th 2007
Final day of Taiko - 9am Taiko dedication to the sea.
Oct 20th 2007 Last day at Nova
Oct 28th 2007 A Massive Update
Jan 20th 2008
Winter in Niihama
Mar 14th 2010
Dinner in Saijo.

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