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Sunshine Coast, Australia

Written on: Thursday June 25th, 2009

A journal entry from: In the spiced Indian air....

We arrived in Brisbane 22 hours after leaving Calgary International.  The flight was ok, but I realized shortly into our Vancouver flight that I was sick and tired of being on airplanes. I was going to add up how many hours I'd been on them in the last week, but thought better of it for my sanity.  

We met my Aunty Nan and her daugher Joanne at the airport. We stayed in Noosa for one night and we went on a little hike along the coast in Noosa's National Park where we observed surfers (yum!) and the gorgeous ocean scenery.  The photo opps were plenty since the winter weather created some amazingly dynamic clouds over the ocean. However, ever time I disappeared to take a photo, my family suspected I had run off with one of the cute surfers.  Fair assumption I suppose.  On the way back we got caught in the rain and were completely drenched by the time we got back to the car.

After our time in Noosa we went a bit further up the Sunshine Coast to Gympie (haha) where the Australian side of our family is originally from.  We stayed with Auntie Nan and met her friend Viv who was our impromptu chauffer during our time there.  

We went to the Australia Zoo, home of Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter.  The kangaroos were just roaming around in one of the fields and people can just go in and hang out with them, feed them, pet them... anything!  Many of them had little Joeys in their pouches... we were also able to hold a real koala!!! He was the cutest thing ever...his name was Kramer and weighed just over 20 lbs, very soft and extremely sharp nails!

We met more of our family here, including Craig and Tracy and their 3 sons for a nice corned beef dinner. The next day we went and stayed at their cabin on Rainbow Beach where the eldest two sons Jordan and Cody took us 4wd-ing down the beach to see the coloured sands.  The sand cliffs were amazing - very vivid shades of red, yellow, orange, pink, white and black. We also went up on top of the cliffs to a huge sand blow. It was incredible, and very hard to describe so you'll have to see the pictures.  

Our last day on the Sunshine Coast was a tour of Fraser Island, which is the world's largest sand island, and a World Heritage Site. We saw the largest fern in the world, walked through a sub-tropical rain forest growing in sand, and sunbathed on the beaches of a crystal clear freshwater lake in the middle of the island!

The time we spent on the Sunshine Coast was incredible, especially getting to know our family that we have never met before.  For me the best part has been bonding with my mom, something I am grateful for especially since hearing sad news from home.


<3 *****rest in peace Glenda****** <3