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New Delhi

Written on: Saturday June 6th, 2009

A journal entry from: In the spiced Indian air....

I've titled this New Delhi because the pictures so far are only of the new part of the city... which is very different from Old Delhi! We arrived in Delhi from Kathmandu by air, the flight was short and uneventful besides the panorama of himalayan mountains we saw shortly after take off.  They never cease to completely amaze me.

I was very surprised by Delhi, the ride from the airport was about an hour, and we barely saw any trash at all!  The streets in New Delhi are wide and smooth, there are numerous parks and golf courses, nice hotels and office buildings... I almost felt like I was in Canada... until I remembered it was 42 degrees at 5:30pm and we passed a cow on the street.

Our hotel is on the edge of Old and New Delhi, so we got a bit of a taste of the old city. However, upon learning the trains to Agra were booked up (the city where the Taj Mahal is), we made a last minute decision to leave Delhi the next morning and hire a car that would take us to Agra and Jaipur on a 3 day trip.  Jaipur is in Rajasthan, a province we decided to skip when we found out the weather would be around 50 degrees. But since we are so close and we have a day to spare, we decided why not?  We can bear the heat for one day and make the most of our last few days in India.

Before leaving Delhi we stopped at the India Gate and a nice colourful temple. The highway on the way to Agra showed us some different scenery than we've been used to - dry farmland, sparse vegetation, and huge trucks completely overloaded with crops.

Next stop is Agra where we will spend the night then head to Jaipur for another night. Then back to Delhi!