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Anjuna Beach, Goa

Written on: Tuesday April 28th, 2009

A journal entry from: In the spiced Indian air....

We have had a very relaxing time in Anjuna! This small beach town is super chill and is exactly what Jennelle and I had in mind for our little vacation within a vacation. 6 days have been spent wandering the little "town", laying on the beach, swimming in the ocean, hanging with dogs and cows, and eating. The food is excellent here, we've managed to become a little more familiar with the Indian cusine here. Paneer Masala still a favorite, but also quite fond of belpuri and momos.

We've met a few friends here, a local named Arun that took us to Baga (the crowded party town) and introduced us to two norweigans and a dutch guy. Another night he and his friend Raj took us on their scooters to a night market full of stuff to buy and entertainment. I stocked up on stuff to sell back in Calgary. We also met another Canadian who we spent a day with before he had to head back to the orphanage he is working at. Today we rented a scooter for 150 RS ($3.50) for the day and took it to the post office to send some of our purchases home. Driving on the left isn't as hard as I thought!! Loved it... although we saw a young boy get hit by a scooter which scared us into driving 20kmph everywhere. He was ok, just shaken up and bruised.

There are a lot of vendors on the beach who ask you every few minutes if you want to look in their shop. The conversation is basically as follows:

"You ok?", "Yes", "Where you from?", "Canada", "What your name?", "Jenica" (followed by a hand shake).  "You looking my shop?", "No thank you", "Looking free", "No thank you", "Anything *insert 100, 50 or 25* Rupees", "No thank you"..."Why not, you no like my stuff?", "No, I just don't need anything"...

And so it goes... over and over, same people and shops everyday. Gets annoying especially since they all sell the exact same thing all over goa and no one has a unique sales plan. We hear it's worse in Baga though. I do feel bad for them since it's so competitive for them to make money in low season.

I also got chased by a cow that Jennelle named Curtis. This cow is on the beach everyday begging for food. We saw him have people's espressos, beer, sandwiches and watermelon.  I had just bought a quarter of a watermelon and Curtis casually walks over, trying to look non-chalant. As soon as I realize, I get up and start walking away... Curtis then starts running towards me and chases me around the beach chairs several times.  Along the way I'm tossing pieces of watermelon to the side to try to get him to stop but he just doesn't. I managed to eat the rest (and pass some to jennelle as I was being chased) so I threw the rind away from us and Curtis went after it and ate it up.

Ps there are cows everywhere... not unique for India as we saw them in Mumbai too, but in this tiny town there are probably around 25. They just wander the streets all day. Sometimes stopping for a nap in the middle of the road.

We also had the chance of visiting a home, El Shaddai, that takes kids from slums in Goa and brings them to one of 5 homes to educate them.  We met about 25 amazing little kids who were so happy and full of energy. There are some amazing stories of kids graduating from the homes and into college to become nurses and chefs. We brought glow sticks, stickers, hair barretts and coloured pens for them. They were so polite and would only take one unless I said they could have more. Jennelle and i both sponsered one, mine's name is Anu and she's a spunky little thing... she had Jennelle's sponser kid in a head lock at one point. I loved it :).  In the pictures, she's the one in the red with shoulder length hair.

Goa has been a wicked break... I will take away relaxed muscles, unique jewelry, and orange-stained feet (from the red dirt).

Tonight we are on an overnight bus to Hampi to see a UNESCO World Heritage Sight.



From Dad on Apr 28th, 2009

I have to say Curtis isn't the worse thing I've seen chasing you!

From Mom on Apr 28th, 2009

Love the pics. As well as little Anu. Sounds like she has spunk.

From Mom on Apr 28th, 2009

OK I just have to say it: Holy Cow! or as bart Simpson would say - don't have a cow. Or worse yet - Was Curtis chased by a hot dog? Now on a pig related theme I have info on swine flu for you. I have sent it to your g-mail.Love Moom. Ha ha another cow joke.

From aunty Norma on Apr 28th, 2009

Absolutely fascinating. It amazes me how there are always good looking young men around...doesn't matter what country..! I only wish I could smell the smells! Thinking of you every day..