Cairns and North Queensland Photos

First night's view of the sunset from our hotel!

Mom and I after our first dive on The Great Barrier Reef

USS Essex.... aka bringer of the 4000 hot sailor men (and women!)

Driving on the wrong side! And no, I did not crash.

Cane fields, a common sight in northern queensland

Vibrant blue butterfly on the Daintree (wish I could have got a shot with the wings open).

On the Daintree River

Daintree bugs....again...

Croc on the Daintree River! Apparently she is releasing heat just like a puppy panting.

Taking wildlife pictures on the Daintree River

Dragonfly on the Daintree

Kingfisher bird on the shores of the Daintree River

Mom at Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge swimming hole

Tropical Fruit Winery