Varanasi. Death. Photos


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Us in a Cycle-Rickshaw outisde the old city

Our cycle-rickshaw guy outside the old city

The view from our Guesthouse of the Old City. Thousands of tiny streets!

Old city street... it's only sunlit for a couple hours during the day when the sun can shine directly down into the streets.


Bathing. Even swimming lessons for children!

Resurfaced corpse

A Sadu, one of the highest Castes, and one of only 5 people that are allowed to be sunk in The Ganges.

One of two burning Ghats

Setting a candle adrift in The Ganges for good Karma


Flags at one of the larger Ghats

Our faithful rower

Looking down The Ganges at the Ghats

Walking down the clastrophobic narrow streets of the old city.



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