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Written on: Monday June 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: europe 2007

five days people. i have enjoyed rome even though our hostel is a cement block in the middle of nowhere and it heats up like a sauna, some of hte worst sleep in my life but thank god they love their coffee here as much as me. we have met a lot of cool people, a girl from burnaby. i cant tel lyou how nice it was to talk about vancouver with someone lol. and here is a surprise, fernanda has bought three pairs of shoes, that is more than me, you can tell i have influenced her lol. we got sunburnt a couple days ago and are still recovering. and the bugs attacked me in florence, and they have now attacked fernanda in rome. we saw the sistine chapel, the vatican, the cool  swiss army with their crazy uniform. and tonight we take a nighttrain to paris, take a picture of hte eiffel tower and head to manchester, wahoo! then we head home. italy has been really nice but the most expensive. well i will see you all soon. i miss you like crazy mwa