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Written on: Friday November 24th, 2006

A journal entry from: Alkaloid Conference 2006

Well we arrived in Vancouver a little bit late because of the slight power issues with our first plane. This didn't turn out to be too huge of a disaster. I had just enough time to get off the plane run about 25 gates to where my connecting flight to Atlanta was. Well on my way through I saw that pink shirt that said "Vancouver" on it. I thought it would make a good picture so I took it. I didn't realize until I landed in Toronto that they were just a generic t-shirt with the same logo for probably every city in Canada. Those sneaky bastards. Something else that was really weird is that the flight from Vancouver to Toronto was in a huge 747 totally packed to the nuts. So I would have expected the flight from Toronto down to Atlanta would have also been on a 747. Boy was I wrong. You'll hear more about that in a second though. On to Toronto.