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Sudbury Party

Written on: Thursday December 27th, 2007

A journal entry from: Christmas 2007

Well when your staying so close to a main hub like Sudbury you can't help but visit.  The Kay's family is almost all in Sudbury.  They Kay's on the other hand live about an hour outside.  This seems to be about the perfect distance away from immediate family.  Its just far enough to keep them from showing up on your door step all the time and still close enough that you can visit and keep in touch when you need to.

Today we are heading into Sudbury to have some more family time.  This will mostly consist of hitting up the stuff that we can't do in Espanola such as visit a big mall or do any real shopping.  Espanola has just enough industry to support your basic needs but anything of and above the norm you have to travel into Sudbury. 

We are heading to Auntie Kim's house to have a little paarty.  It should be very fun and good to see Andrew and some of the other cousins I haven't had a chance to see for a long time.  On top of all this of course Kim and Mark and great cooks so the food is always top notch.  I guess thats what happens when your day job is running a resturant.  All in all this was a very good visit and ended in me having to drive home.  I'm the only one that didn't have any drinks.  It's pretty entertaining driving while you have the over protective father in law watching your every move.  If you accelerate he leans over to check the speed, if you lane change he shoulder checks, if you take two hands of the wheel he sigh's... HAHA LOVE YOU KEVIN!!!