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Christmas in Espanola

Written on: Tuesday December 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: Christmas 2007

I have to say this whole timezone thing is really throwing me off.  I'm not quite here long enough to really adjust so I totally am getting the short end of the stick.  That being said I'm sure having a great time just relaxing.  This has been my first break since the summer and I have been working really hard.  So this is a really relaxing a due break.

My wife was up at 6:00am EST ready to open presents like a little kid.  I think thats my favorite part about having a younger wife is she still gets excited just like a little kid on Christmas.  It's the most enjoyable sensation in the world to watch her face as she opens gifts.   After gifts we started into a big family breakfast and the usual Christmas day stuff.  Just relaxing with family and hanging out.  Of course we had to take some time to play Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, and Sing Star.  All games that mel's sister managed to rake in for gifts. 

Now we are heading out to do some touring of the city.  Talk to you again soon!