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Departing Vancouver

Written on: Monday December 24th, 2007

A journal entry from: Christmas 2007

Ok so we left Bryan's place early this morning to head out to the airport.  Our flight leaves at 10:30.  We have finally got checked in.  This was a wierd process.  Each time we went to check-in either online or via the "quick checkin" we kept getting these weird errors that said get assistance immediately.  We finally ended up at the check-in counter and as soon as the lady brought up our info her computer frooze.  She then went to the computer beside her which started to work but only after she called someone and spoke on the phone to them.  A couple minutes later after not even looking at my wife's id, yet completely checking my passport and birth certificate they let us through.  I queried the lady checking us in and she said that I was a "High Profile" passenger and that I had to manually checked in??  Umm... I'm starting to wonder if heading to defcon and competing in that hacking competition was the best idea.  Anyways we are about to head through security so I'll let you know how that bum touching goes.