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Sunday on the island

Written on: Sunday December 2nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Aloha 2007

Day Three, Sunday.


More palm trees, ocean, turtles, flowers and overpriced coffee.

Tina, Este and I drove north in search of beaches. Mark went golfing. We stopped at numerous hiking spots to locate our hikes we will take later in the week. It got very windy, so we headed back to the timeshare for some shelter, stopped and saw the turtles again.

Este and I went swimming in the resort pool; I will take pictures later, very nice.

Este loves it here; I think the climate is actually pretty close to perfect.

It rained all night, poured actually, and it is dreary, but we will find something to do, the rain is not cold. It is Monday now?


Peaceout, mahalo?.?


Jeans and Este