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Written on: Monday June 23rd, 2008

A journal entry from: Summer excursion

Got to Vienna with the intention of only watching some football....Sean was humoring me and letting me go crazy bout football for a whole weekend! Anyways we got way more then expected! At first view it was an absolutly beautiful city and a definite canidate for future residence. Clean, great people, and lots of culture! well our hostel was expensive and very basic, but we met some fellow canadians and partyied with them right away. They have been to india and turkey so had a lot of advise for us. And Travis *one of the brothers) got drunk and picked up some awsome locals at the bar (something sean and I had yet to learn), Katrin and Martin. anyways they showed us all around Vienna, it was awsome. Katrin is or was a tourguide, so definetly an expert!

Darn the whole thing erased! Bah....youll have to wait till I get cheap internet to finish.....bahhhhhh


From RyAwesome on Aug 21st, 2008

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