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Short trip to Buenos Aires

Written on: Friday March 28th, 2008

A journal entry from: Budapest City Trip

It's my last day in Budapest. Tomorrow morning I will sit in the plane eating the shabby sandwich they serve on short inter-European flights. After having a good cup of coffee I convinced myself to spare some time for watching U2 in 3D at the Palace Cinema. It was about noon and the movie started at 16.30. A whole lot of time. Suddenly I remembered that I originally planned to check out the Szecheny, one of the famous baths in Budapest. I rushed back to the hotel to get the trunks and a towel. The weather was really great and the sun was shining as much as it could. I enjoyed the hot bath outside, the water temperature was about 38 degree celsius. It was really relaxing after walking around for days. After some time I went inside to have a look at the sauna and the pools there. Well, I shouldn't have. It felt quite dirty, the water had a yellow-greenish tint and the sauna was hopelessly overcrowded. I took antoher bath outside and had a little swim as well.

Time was passing by quickly. I left the bath at a quarter to four. I rushed to the cinema and got there at 10 past 4. I should have been there at 4 o'clock at latest to get my ticket. However, it was still available and I was very happy about it. I felt a bit hungry and got me a water and some popcorn. I received 3D glasses at the entrance - a funny thing. People look silly when put on. The movie itself was very impressive. The concert was recorded in Buenos Aires. The vibe in the movie as well as in the cinema was really great. If felt all so near that I hardly detained myself from jumping up and screaming out loud. Also, the show was very political (what do you expect, it's Bono) but that was definitely ok in this combination. All in all a great experience that I'm willing to recommend to anyone.

After the movie I was really hungry. Luckily the cinema was in the west end city centre. The bottom floor was full of take away restaurants. I didn't eat pizza for a long time so I thought it to be a good idea to get one. Well, it wasn't. I took only one little slice but it was so greasy that I didn't eat as much as half of it. After that my stomach felt really bad. I went home to pack my things together and prepare for leave. Good luck I got out once more to have another beer. That really saved me from a bad night I guess. In fact, the night was really short. I only got about 3 hours of sleep before I had to catch my flight. But it was definitely worth it. Budapest is beautiful by night.


From Will on Apr 1st, 2008

Ey Junge Hast du dir etwa gar die gleiche 3D-Show reingezogen wie das vor dir schon deine Liebste gemacht hat? Ist ja funny. Du machst das richtig. Du geniesst deinen Aufenthalt in vollen Zügen. Recht hast du - zu Hause wartet ja schon wieder genug Knochenarbeit auf dich. Ich wünsch dir jedenfalls einen guten Flug, ein genuessliches Sandwich und hoffe, dass Budapest auch bei Tag interessant ist?! :-D

From martina on Apr 7th, 2008

Ja du, jetzt hast du dir das gleiche angeschaut wie ich, nur ein paar tausend kilometer weiter weg. Schon lustig nicht? Die Show war wirklich gut, war der beste 3D Film welche ich jemals gesehen habe! Viele Gruesse