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Day 28...Thursday..27/9/07.

Written on: Saturday November 3rd, 2007

A journal entry from: Hilary and Glens trip of Oz.

Ericka looked a tad worse for wear this morning, she had her sickie with plans to finish her assignment, I don't think it happened.  G and I hit the town, got lost on numerous occasions, drove the wrong way up the underground parking, got abused by "p" plater. I didn t realise that Darwin had such a large shopping centre. I had more photos burnt to disk.

The highlight of Thursday's is apparently the Markets, well we got lost AGAIN!! heading there  It probably took us an our, then when we found it, it had been rained out. The first rain here in 5 months and it rain on us. We got drenched in warm rain. All of the stalls except one had closed or gone already. The one left open was a chinese takeaway, they were doing a roaring trade selling Laksa's. We ordered 2 chicken Laksa's and sat in the rain eating them. We both agreed that they were the best laksas we have ever had.  The little kids were all running and jumping in the puddles.

Forgot to mention before we also had a swim in Erikas pool.

It was a good day today.