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It all start here!

Written on: Monday February 4th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trip of a Lifetime

The Countdown has begun....

  In less than 4 weeks i'll be flying out to Las Vegas with my best friend Carly, where we'll celebrate her 21st in style. After gambling away my life savings and partying with (lookalike) celebs, i'll be making a short (!) trip over to Auckland, New Zealand where i'll be reunited with Tom. How will we cope with a week apart from eachother!?

   From here, we'll pick up our Micro Campervan ('micro' doesn't even come close...) and begin making our way 1200 miles South to Queenstown to face the Ultimate Challenge - THE NEVIS HIGHWIRE BUNGEE, Set 134m (440ft) above a Canyon. Thankyou to all our sponsers, who will hopefully be able to see evidence of our jump anytime after the 19th when we upload the videos and photos. Wish us luck!!!


   After the dreaded jump is over and done with, and presuming Tom and I are still in one piece, we will hopefully begin a more relaxed journey back up to Auckland, spending more time exploring the country. We fly from Auckland to Sydney at the end of Feb, to a fabulous beachside hostel, where we stay for 5 nights to soak up a bit of Aussie sun and have a few 'baarbies', before heading to Melbourne, in the hope of finding work for a couple of months.

   Finally, we will round of our trip of a lifetime with a week in Singapore, and a month in Thailand, God knows how Tom and his tracing paper skin will cope in the 40 degree heat!! Please follow our blogs as we update you with our travel stories, videos and photos and feel free to leave us messages.

See you in 5 months!

Helen and Tom