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Beijing....so far

Written on: Thursday August 6th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

We have made it to Beijing!!!!!

It is great to get here but also means we have to leave the group and say goodbye to some fantastic people who really made the 4 months so enjoyable.

The visas have taken up more of our time then we intended and after being in the visa office on 3 seperate days we are fairly relieved to have it all sorted out and a big blue visa stuck in our passports.  It wasn't an easy process though and thanks to to our chinese guide Sisi she was able to help us arrange it all. 

While we were off doing the visas, most of the group, having only 3 full days to do stuff here were off busily sight seeing.  We did manage to have a night together on the last night and have a few drinks with them all.  The next day we said goodbye as they left in the afternoon to get the overnight train back to Xian.  It was sad to see them go after spending the last 4 months living on top of each other and endless hours on a truck that can't go faster than 65km/h!! The only good thing is that they will be driving through Warrnambool and the Great Ocean rd having a camp in Peterborough along the way.  So we will see most of them in a few months, all except for our friend Georgia who leaves in Bangkok and goes back to start Uni in the UK.

This was just a quick update and we will do another one before we leave.  We fly to Thailand on the 11th so we still have a few days to do some stuff.

Russ and Heather

ps internet is slow so pics are a nightmare...


From maur on Aug 7th, 2009

Congratulations!! what a mighty effort I bet you can't wait to be still for a while. Safe travels in Thailand don't steal any beer mats!! Love Maur

From stuv & nel on Aug 13th, 2009

well done russ and heath.you have had an amazing journey.sit back and relax and enjoy just in one spot for the moment.hope u are well.we miss you and are looking forward to seeing u soon.safe travel.bombers still a chance for the eight...luv steve nel and boys

From Em and Red on Aug 13th, 2009

Happy birthday Heather!!! Hope you have a great one, look forward to having a few drinks when you get home.