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Russ's 30th Birthday

Written on: Monday July 27th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

Well Russ has made his 30's!!

We started the day by waking up in our bush camp in the sand dunes west of Qinghai Lake, it was a beautiful morning and the sun was out.  The sleet and ice was now a distant memory.  One of the girls on the truck had made a card for Russ that everyone signed and all the usual "old man" jokes went round to ensure he felt his age.  Even a few were looking for signs of baldness or greyhairs!

We were quickly on the road headed for Qinghai Lake which is the largest salt lake in China.  We stopped off to buy supplies for lunch and I bought some fireworks for that night as we were having a few drinks.  A few guys also got some so we had lots for a good show.  We didnt make the lake as there was an accident on the road which held us up, so after building a road down off the main road we bypassed the accident and carried on and camped off the beaten track in an old river bed.

Cook group whipped up a great BBQ and it wasnt long before the beers came out.  Oh sorry Jasper and Russ started at 9:15am and had a few throughout the day.  No sleep on the truck for Russ that day!  Someone had bought Russ some cupcakes for a cake with candles and they sang for him again before a couple of the guys set off all our fireworks up on a little hill.  It was pretty cool way to mark the day - not just for Russ's birthday but it was also the trips halfway day for those heading all the way to Sydney.  Everyone still can't believe they are only half way!!

We were even allowed to stoke up the fire which also made the night as a dozen of us sat up until 1am!  Most of the time because we need our wood for cooking Steve our guide doesn't let us burn any more then we need, it is pretty scarce out here.

Next day with some sleep to catch up on we drove off toward the lake to have lunch then onto Xining, The lake was good, just a bloody huge lake really nothing  overly special about it we didn't think, but was a good spot for lunch so thats what we did.

We are slowly decending now, back down into the 2000's I think, feeling a bit less breathless now anyway!

Heather and Russ