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Written on: Wednesday July 29th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

Hi all, we have finally made it to a hotel!  Showers yeah!  So after a well dserved shower and scrub we headed out into the city for some dinner.  It's our first real chinese city stay after all the little towns along the way.  Well we had Xining but we only saw the car park of the hospital!

We've only got half a day here so just enough time to wander the shops a bit.  The city is nice and clean and is surrounded by rocky mountains very close to the city.  It sits in a vally and stretches 32km along it.  The yellow river also runs through Lanzhou and form what we seen it looks a little more browny in colour than yellow, maybe calf poo colour!!

Anyway we are excited to get to Xian in a couple of days and see the terracotta warriors and then it will really feel like the trip is finishing up!! We will be in Beijing on the 3rd so it's getting close. 

Hopefully will get some photos up in Xian for the last few posts.

Russ and Heather


From annie on Aug 2nd, 2009

why only the hospital carpark?

From Ruth, Steve, Alannah & Connor on Aug 3rd, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Russell! Can't believe Heather brought up the "calf poo colour"....