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Shigatse / Gyanste

Written on: Thursday July 16th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

After 5 days bush camping the showers at our hotel in Shigatse were one of the best we've had! We just didnt dare look down at the dirty water in the shower that was running off us, 5 days without a shower is enough I think.

The road to Shigatse featured another 5200m high pass and this time we didn't really feel the effects except for the usual running out of breath getting off the truck and walking around to take a few snaps.  At all the high passes the Tibetans fly their prayer flags all over the place and you will see them in the pics, green, yellow, red, blue and white flags, I think they represent the sky, the land, the sun, the clouds and water...I think!  Anyway the drive was otherwise fairly painless and we were in the city of Shigatse at lunchtime.  Shigatse is at 3900m and was once the capital of Tiebtan Buddhism.  THere still sems to be a lot of people living there, not sure what the main industry is but there are hundreds and hundreds of shops for a small place, think everyone is a shopkeeper!

We visited Tashinluppo monastry which was great, got to see the monks and all the shrines to buddha. The smell of incense is everywhere, juniper I think it is.

Next day we drove to Gyantse which wasnt far and is on the way to Lhasa, it is also famous for is monastry (surprise) and there is a fort there as well.  The monastry was quite good as well and different from the first one.  It was built in the 1400 hundreds and survived the chinese invasion.  There are still a lot of the old budhist scriptures there that were written after it was built.  They would make the paper for the scriptures out of poisonous plants and grass so that mice or termites would never eat through it, it has seemed to work brilliantly.

Anyway better go off to Lhasa for a 4 day rest in a nice hotel!!

 Russ and Heather


From Jannika on Mar 18th, 2016

Great hammer of Thor, that is pofruwelly helpful!