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Tibet - Mt Everest

Written on: Wednesday July 15th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

Hi all, well its been a great but tough last week since leaving Kathmandu.  We went and spent 2 nights at a place near the Tibet border and camped in the grounds of a tent style resort.  A few people went bungy jumping, whilst we just chilled out in the grounds swimming in the pool.  Russ went shopping with a few others and purchased 6 chickens at 25 Euro and they got told to come back in half an hour and they would be ready! Definiately nice and fresh couldnt complain there - at least they did the dirty work for us!

So onto the border on the 10th and maybe 10mins up the road from our camp we came across a collapsed road and we were definiately not getting through (we had to be at the border by 9am).  So out we hop and start lugging rocks and built up the road slowly so that it was stable enough to get round the corner.  We also had to dig out the side of the hill a bit to make room.  Hats off to our driver Adam thats for sure! 

The border was relatively painless, they took a few peoples temperature to check for symtoms of swine flu and the rest of us went through thermal imaging.  We all got through despite a few of us suffering a bit from gastro still.

After an early dinner just over the border we headed off along a trecherous road that I dont wish to do again and got to our bush camp at about 11pm.  We are now on the Tibetn plateau at 3600m!

Not surprisingly a lot of us were feeling sick the next morning, vomiting, headaches the works.  We didnt feel too bad to start with but the altitude had just begun.  We had 3 bush camps before getting to Everest base camp the other 2 were both at 4600m and we had a few sleepless nights and headaches. Driving through Tibet though was amazing, alot of nothingness with huge mountains and small villages dotted along the way.

We had planned to get to Everest Base camp on the 13th and were going to camp there to maximise our viewing oppurtunities.  However when it came into sight round one corner the sky was clear and we had a perfect view so our Tibetan guide hurried us up the mountain right then to base camp to make the most of the clear sky.  So at 5200m we were at base camp and we had the place to ourselves for some great pics.  Russ even found the time (and energy) to play a bit of chess with Jasper our Dutchy friend and play a touch of footy with the sherrin!  (Will put up pics when can they are fantastic!)

So after a few quick postcards at the highest post office in the world we set off down the mountain again to camp at a lower altitude - which was still at 4500m.  By now Russ and I were feeling pretty ordinary I had the tingles in my arms and legs and light headedness, whilst russ mostly had killer headache, we were a bit light on for food at lunch times so that didnt really help matters and getting really dehydrated.  Oh but so worth it to see Mt Everest like that, very lucky I think.

Yesterday we drove through Tingri and bush camped again (day 5 with no shower) in a valley, before heading off early this morning towards Shigatse where we are having 2 nights before heading onto Lhasa.  Shigatse is at 3900m and seems to be low enough to feel a bit better, we are staying in a really nice hotel very flash for us overlanders so we will make the most of it.  Not cheap though, we are told that the Tibetans are hiking up the prices this year after having majority of the hotels and tourist sights closed for majority of last year.  They still have cheap food though and its great, lots of dumplings, noodles and a good mix of Tibetan and Chinese.  Our guide organised a fantastic banquet type meal for lunch yesterday in a village in the Tingri valley, just what we all needed after no lunch for days!

So off for a bit of R&R in our hotel now and off to the local sights tomorrow.

Bye for now Heather and Russell.



From annie on Jul 15th, 2009

sounds amazing, can't wait to see pics! take care hope your health gets back to normal soon! loveannie x

From bec on Jul 18th, 2009

wow guys, sound terrific! i little light on foos- obviously. but once in a lifetime experience!!! cant help but say though.....6 weeks to go....! yay lots of love to you both xxxx

From bec on Jul 18th, 2009

damn spell check... i meant of course.. FOOD. sorry xxxxx

From stuv on Jul 20th, 2009

hi Russ & heath pic's look great trip still sounds amazing looking foward to catching up soon take care steve nel & boys

From Caroline on Jul 20th, 2009

Wow what fantastic experiences you guys are having. Great photos and amazing experiences. Love Mark, Caroline and the boys

From Maur on Jul 26th, 2009

Wow that road looks scary as. After this experience you guys will be up for anything!! Love Maur

From stuv & nel on Jul 27th, 2009

hi russ and heather happy birthday rusco thinking of you both hope all is well looking forward to catching up maybe a frothy or 2 for your birthday bye for now s& n