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Written on: Friday June 19th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

We arrived in Jaipur late last night for a 2 night stay and we were met by the other truck members that jumped off in Iran to fly over pakistan - it was great to see them again and swap travel stories from the past 2 weeks.  They had spent most of their time down in Goa on the west coast of India and had enjoyed the beaches and cold beer.

We had a Bollywood party organised for our 1st night in Jaipur. So everyone had been getting organised in Delhi and other places to buy traditional Indian Sari's for the girls and the Kurtah's for the men.  It was great we all got dressed up in our colourful clotes and and had drinks and Indian food on the rooftop terrace of the hotel.

It is still hot as hell and we decided although there were some great sights in Jaipur we did only have one day and the decision was made to go to Macca's for lunch and then a bollywood movie in the afternoon.  Your probably thinking why are we eating Macca's when we have all this nice food all around us, well it was the craving we had after having Maccy D's for the 1st time on the trip a few days earlier and it was so great that we had to go again.  To have some normal food that resembles the taste you can get at home, I think kind of settles the mind and stomach you could say! 

The Bollywood movie was the latest one out and we payed our 70 Rupee to get in, about $2 and enjoyed the show with 200 other Indians who did stare and wonder, I think how we were going to understand their movie when it was spoken  only in Hindi.  It was easy enough to follow the story line and laugh along when the audience did, although it wouldn't have been near as good without the music and dancing that the characters would explode into whenever the scene was right.

Off to the Taj tomorrow, can't wait, it will be the 1st big tourist attraction we have seen since Iran really.


Russ and Heather