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Delhi update

Written on: Tuesday June 16th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

Hi guys we are in Delhi, having a great time in the city.  Delhi is a crazy city, lots of traffic with no rules except the little give way to the big.  Dirt and poverty in most places and the noises from cars and rickshaw horns scream at you from all directions along the roads.  It all blends into a hot overpopulated city - and we havent even seen the slums!  We lucked out with a nice air coned room to ourselves with a king size bed so it was lovely to have that luxury for a change.

We havent seen much in the city for the main reason that it is stinking hot and also we are in a decent hotel with air conditioning.  We ventured out into the city down to Connought Place which is the main touristy area but we were too early as most of the shops were closed.  So we made ourselves busy in the local coffee shop in the air con.

We have a Bollywood party coming up so we went shopping for some clothes with a few others.  Some of the girls got Sari's made to order whilst the guys bought the proper Indian Kurtah.  They were all pretty cheap and they looked great.

After our busy day shopping we treated ourselves to an afternoon tea at the swanky Imperial Hotel.  Whilst looking for the tea room Russ happened to bump into Steve Waugh - so he had a bit of a chat as you do.

High tea was awesome, with our posh sandwiches and pastries, unlimitd supply of tea/coffee, it was all a bit too civilised for us overlanders, but we enjoyed it all the same and tried not to look too out of place.

Day 2 we went off to the Red Fort with a few others.  We got there by using the metro trains which are brand new and nicer than the bus or rickshaws.  They have the commonwealth games next year so I guess they are getting ready for that.

So after a bit of sightseeing at the red fort and a mosque we headed back to the Imperial with half the group for our 2nd high tea and drinks in the bar!  we could get used to this lifestyle.  Early night in bed then off to Jaipur in the morning where we will catch up to the rest of the group that jumped off in Iran.

Take care Heather and Russell.


From Em and Red on Jun 19th, 2009

Oh my god - the imperial hotel is where Red got sick!!!!! We stayed in the international hospital in Delhi for a week before finally getting out of there.......... loving reading your stories!