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Mcleod Ganj and Dharamsala

Written on: Friday June 12th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

Hi all! Well we have had a relaxing few days in Amiritsar by the pool.  We headed into town with a few others and us girls got Indian suits made up for about $8 so we blend in with the locals a bit better now.  Its great to be allowed to do what we want again and we have all got rid of our Iran/Pakistan clothes with glee!  Poor Amelia got stuck with many of our cast off from the group.

We went out 2 nights in a row to a fantastic restuarant and enjoyed just having good food again after Pakistan. The curries were great and soo cheap!  Quite a few in the group were sick on and off during our stay in Amiritsar with some kind of gastro so we stayed an extra night there so everyone could recharge a bit.  Russ and I were not too bad compared to the others, but was still nice to chill out a bit.  We did a big truck clean in the hot sun so it's been disinfected and dusted so hopefully the bugs on the truck will be gone for the time being!

We said goodbye to Amelia and Andrew, with Andrew I'm sure cursing us as I think we made him sick - SORRY!!  We headed off north upto Dharamsala, whilst they were off west to Pakistan. 

 We arrived in McLeod Ganj 2 nights ago after leaving Amritsar.  Russ and I stayed the night in Dharamsala on the truck doing truck security as we couldnt drive the truck up the winding roads to the village of Mcleod Ganj.

We have pretty much just lazed around the village wandering through all the markets and going to see the local temple.  You can apply to get an audience with the Dalai Lama with lots of other people, but at this time of year he doenst see anyone apparently.  They are having a Tibetan film festival on at the moment and we went and saw a film about Tibetans in exile, which was a real eye opener about the Tibetans life and why and how they escape over the mountain over to Mcleod Ganj and other regions.

There are a lot of refugees living here in this village so it is mostly a tibetan village and not Indian.  We are off to Delhi tomorrow camping somewhere along the way.

Just for you Warrnambool people we just met the man who painted the murals in the Kelly Hotel in W'Bool!

Best go now we are having problems with our pics and cant seem to upload on here very well but facebook is working well so we have put lots of there if your interested.

Hope alls well with everyone, take care Heather and Russell.