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Written on: Friday May 29th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

Today was a big driving day towards the border of Pishin.  We got in late and camped just out of Pishin on the Bahu Kalat river.  The temp that day was about 45 deg so we were all keen to jump in the river and have a wash as of course we hadnt had a shower for a few days!  A few of us were starting to suffer a bit from the heat and were sick.

On the 30th we headed off early to the Border post but the Iranians wouldnt let us through.  Steve made lots of calls and got a local guy to help.  He took us all back to his house - he was the chief of the town - and the men and women got seperated into different air coned rooms and sat for 5-6 hours whiles they provided a fantastic meal of chicken and rice and drinks.  On the truck outside the temp reached 52deg, so we were all happy for a bit of respite in the air con.

So a definite no on the border crossing so we headed back to our camp by the river and planned to make our way upto the Mirjaveh border.

The people in this area dont consider themselves Iranian, but Baluchestan's and majority have dual citizenships of Iran and Pakistan.  The chief would not accept any money for lunch and simply wanted us to spread the word about the people of the area - many had never seen a foriegn person before in their life.

Take care H&R