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Banda Abbas

Written on: Wednesday May 27th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

We drove through Banda Abas today and stopped at the fish markets to get food for dinner.  Dont know how hot but I'd say bloody hot 40's plus and very humid by the water.  It was almost the minute we could see the water we all started sweating. 

We camped just past Minab in an old river bed.

On the 28th we continued driving towards the eastern border town of Pishin and found a bush camp on the Oman sea, which was beautiful, between Jask and Chabahar.  So after a long day driving in 40plus temp most of us just jump in the water and of course us women couldnt take our clothes off so it was clothes and all.  It wasnt long before the local men all came around and stood and watched us for the next few hours cooking dinner.  Our group was on cook duty and Steve suggested we cooked up fried potatoes which was great but took forever to cook so Luke and I stood by the fire for a few hours trying to cook these potatoes for the group.  We both kind of felt a bit sick after that, what with the hot day we had just had and standing by the fire cooking, I think the heat finally got the better of us.

So after a stinking hot night sleeping on the truck and no sleep we got up and whipped up pancakes for the group.  On the plus side we pulled out the shower tent for the first time on the trip and most of us girls got to have a shower, which was lovely!