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Loralai and Multan

Written on: Thursday June 4th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

We left Quetta this morning early and drove through the desert of Balochistan, which was very slow going and we only made it to Loralai, where we stayed and camped in the grounds of a police compound where the police all live with their families.

One man we were talking to was 20yrs old, his wife was 16/17 - they had been married for 5 yrs and they had 3 children one of which had died.  Totally different world thats for sure.

Most of us went for a walk nito town with some of the police guys but they didnt let us go off by ourselves and really didnt want us out of their compound at all.  We were definiately causing a stir and stopping the traffic a bit.

When we left Loralai we drove on into the Punjab region which was meant to be the safest are of Pakistan, except for  the scary high mountain pass and all the tiny roads.  We of course still had our stream of police escourts, which changed regularly.  We drove through Dera Ghazi Khan, but the cops wouldnt let us stay there the night and he called the head police of the region who said that we had to continue onto Multan.  They checked all our passports bought us drinks and even arranged dinner for us before escourting us through to Multan.  We arrive at 1:30am after the stuffed around so much and kept stopping us on the road.  Again we stayed in the police compound and woke to the sounds of squads of police officers.  Not much sleep that night!