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The road to Esfahan

Written on: Thursday May 21st, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

Well we have had a few days on the road of bush camping.  We left Masoleh and headed towards the village of Alamut where they have the Castle of the Assassins. We bush camped about an hour from Alamut in a river bed.

 It was essentially a collection of upto 50 remnants of fortresses in the valley with the Alborz mountains surrounding it.

So onto Tehran we head a big day driving was to be had and we got to Tehran at about 6pm, with the mountains on our left with snow, very impressive.

  Well we got a little lost and ended up in some small narrow streets that required a lot of car moving and direction giving by the locals.  It was great though they were all so friendly and were just laughing at our predicament.  They help our guys "bump" a car along to make room for the truck and one local got in the cab with Adam and Lee and gave them directions to the freeway whilst his mate drove along side us on his motorbike texting his mates and waving and laughing at us.  Very entertaining few hours.  I think Adam was very happy to get out of Tehran - they only have 14million people so as you could imagine its a very big city to get lost in.

So we ended up camping just outside the city in a farm lane and were to be quite and not use our lights too much to alert the police to our camping - well no such luck the police arrived and stayed at the end of the lane all night and came for a chat.  They were happy for us to stay and waved us off this morning.

So we have just arrived in Esfahan and are spending 3 nights here.  The city looks great and we are thinking we want 1 week not 3 days!

As you could imagine a few days of not showering has left us all smelling of roses so we are all glad to be able to shower and do some washing.  Us girls in particular are starting to sweat it out a bit in out scarves and long shapeless clothes.  It was only about 32 deg today but was apparently 40deg in Esfahan a few days ago so I think we havent seen anything yet.

We'll keep you posted, bye for now Heather and Russell.


From Mum and Dad on May 21st, 2009

Haven't seen you in your robes yet! Enjoy

From annie on May 22nd, 2009

glad to hear its all going great, keep up the blogs! bridie is getting baptised this sat so will say a hail mary for you while we're there and hope the roof doesn't cave in whilst we're at it! stay safe and keep enjoying love anniexxxx