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Tabriz, Iran

Written on: Saturday May 16th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

Hello all, well after leaving doggy biscuit we got the border at 8am and pushed the watches forward 1 and half hours to 9.30am and left the border at 5pm, a very long day!

Their currency is rials and we changed $50 US and got back 485000 Rials.  We bought 2 icecreams and a big bottle of water for 9000 rials so less than a dollar US, it was great!

Well we made it to Tabriz last night at around 10:30pm and drove around looking for our campsite which no longer exsisted.  Finally we found a hotel with dorm beds but no showers.  I slept in a room with 7 girls, with holes in the fly wire and no curtains - all good though it was a bed after a long day at the border.

Today we have had a great day wandering around the bazaar doing a bit of shopping - A lot of us girls have bought different clothes and the proper head wear.  We spent the afternoon smoking water pipes and drinking tea in a tea house, not many girls around but we were told we could smoke as well by the locals.  All the locals we have met have been great to talk to and are very welcoming, both young and old. 

This morning before we left standing in fron of the truck we were approached by teenage students and they could speak good english.  They wanted to know all about us and where we were going and our perceptions of Iran.  The main girl was wanting to take us back to her family to have dinner - she wants to study english in London.

We also just saw the Blue Mosque which was beautiful, but still needing a lot of restoration as it was ruined by an earthquake.

So after our first day in Iran we have discovered that the holiday is over and the real travels have begun - they seem like lovely people so far and so welcoming and wanting to talk english with us.  As a woman in the country I havent had any problems and feel comfortable walking with a group of girls and am not getting hassled by men like we did in Egypt.  The men have found that the women dont really make eye contact at all and it seems as though they would like to but hold back. 

We have another night here in our lovely hotel before heading out of Tabriz, not sure where but south most likely - will find out tomorrow I guess!

Bye for now Heather and Russell.


From annie on May 17th, 2009

hi keep having fun and be safe! love anniexx