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Written on: Thursday May 14th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

We arrived in Doggy biscuit yesterday and are camped in a camp ground.  Kym and İ made a run for the showers only to find them less than desirable and İ washed my hair crouching down head upside down.  So far the worst bathrooms yet, we are all avoiding the toilets when possible!  Bush pee any day!

Mt Ararat is nearby which is over 5000m we havent seen the top as yet has been covered in clouds.

We had drinks last night in the resturant with the locals and watched the footy that was on.  before long they started playing music and singing and they had us all up dancing in a circle doing their dance, yet another big night and İ think we entertained the locals as much as they us.  İt was Steve,s birthday yesterday and Rosies tomorrow so its a good excuse to party a bit before hitting İran.  Oh and Rob will be leaving us and meeting us again in İndia (he's american and cant come to İran).

We have spent the day in town and went to a local hamam for one last good wash and because we dont want to use the bathroom at the camp grounds.  So the tans have been scrubbed off but it was great we will be ready for another in İndia İ think.

So off to İran tomorrow so stay tuned for some pıcs of us all dressed up in our gear - Russ is starting to fit in with the locals more and more.  Mark he will give you a run for your money when we get home!

See you in İran!


From Ruth on May 16th, 2009

Hiya! Well, I haven't heard of doggy biscuit before, but have just been watching Eurovision, and I haven't heard of 1/4 of the Eastern European countries. Have just watched some cossack dancers (ha, ha). Glad that is not a style we do over here! That beard is getting dark Russ.... Hope you don't smell too bad. Bye for now, Ruth.