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Written on: Wednesday May 13th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

We stayed last night in Guzelsu at a bush camp in the hills with views of snow capped peaks of most likely Iran and south east turkey - Mt Resko 4136m.  The tent was iced over overnight so it was pretty cold night - definiately one night to sleep with clothes on!  İt was the first night for the toilet tent to be put up as well - Joy!

We drove into Guzelse and went to the Hosap Kalesi which is a medieval Kurdish fortress which was constructed in the 1640's, the man who built it was so happy with i he cut the hands off the architect so that he could not replicate it or build something else to rival it.

Russ was the navigator today in the front with Adam.  We drove along the east side of Lake Van towards the border town of Dogubeyazit (doggy biscuit).  Beautiful scenery along the way with lots of snow capped peaks.

Bye H & R.