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Nemrut Dagi

Written on: Tuesday May 12th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

Well we left Cappadocıa and started to make our way over to Nemrut Dagi.  We bush camped just outsıde of Kahraman Maras ın a Pine plantation so we definiately had lots of fire wood.  Our camp over looked the city and we could hear the mosque prayers at night and in the morning to wake us up.

So off to Nemrut Dagi to see the stone heads that sit on the temple and tomb of King Antıchus at a 2150m summit.  There is a manmade mound at the entrance to the site which is 59.8m high and is meant to be the world record for the highest manmade mound of rocks.  We had an awesome views over the valleys and other mountains after a steep walk to the top.

After Nemrut we crossed the Euphretis river on a ferry before we bush camped on the other side. Russ went fishing at the ferry dock but alas no luck yet again.  We were on cook group this night so slept on the truck after cooking beef with garlic and ginger with buckwheat - not bad - followed by scrambled eggs by SteveO the next morning.

On the 12th of May we headed off to Lake Van- Russ and İ sat up the front with Aussie Lee and Ruth and had a great day talking crap mostly about food!

Take care Heather and Russell.