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Written on: Saturday May 9th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

Hi all! The last 3 days we have been in the village of Goreme in the Caspadocia valley. The whole place is famous for these weird rock formations that have been carved over thousands of years by the seasons continually eroding the earth which is actually volcanic ash that spewed out from 3 local volcanoes about 6000 years ago. The soft ash has been worn away leaving only the harder stuff. The locals have lived in these for hundreds of years carving out bedrooms and kitchens etc. Yesterday we done a tour of the local area and visited what they had once used as a castle to look out for enemies. As well as carving out the rock above ground they done the same thing underground and we visited the 2nd largest underground city in the area. It was pretty amazing going down 12 levels having kitchens, bedrooms, storage for food, rooms for their livestock basically they used it when there enemies were around. They could house up to 2000 people, they even had a winery and ventilation shafts that also served as wells from above the ground. As well as this the whole place is totally unnoticeable from above ground. We went to some of the more famous rock formations with some of the rocks on top sitting there precariously, looking like they could fall off with a decent breeze. Had a bit of a night out last night tasting some nice turkish mezze, basically a heap of small starter dishes with loads of fresh bread. They love their bread over, eat it with every meal, I must admit it is tasty bread! We were entertained by the local traditional "whirling dervishes"these guys that kind of get them selves into a religous trance and just spin round and round and round and round! Was ok. They had a belly dancer and some other turkish dancers that were good too. Went for a horse ride today for a couple of hours through the next village along stopping for tea along the way. Was ok but we were keen to go a bit faster but the guide didint really want us to, plus he didnt speak any english! Anyway enjoyed it all the same. Tomorrow we are back on the road again, bush camping for a night or 2. We are heading towards Lake Van and a place call doguzbecuit or something lioke that. Think we only have another 5 days in Turkey then cross into Iran. We are very excited about Iran and looking forward to seeing it. The stories our guide tells us sound great. Well better be off, time for another turkish beer EFES, not a bad drop! Russ and Heather


From annie on May 12th, 2009

who's the guy with heath?

From Johnny & Kazz on May 14th, 2009

Hi, great photos and update on your trip. Whats the stuff on Russ' face?? Looks like you are having fun along the way! Keep updating us. Take care.