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Written on: Friday May 1st, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

Well we had a wet night bush camping, thank goodness we were on cook group for the night so even though we cooked in the rain we got to sleep on a nice warm and dry truck and didnt have to struggle with a wet tent in the morning.  It was the first wet night so it tested out a few tents most passed the test but a few were a bit soggy in the morning.

On the way to Oludinaz we stopped into see another ancient aphrodosias, which surprised everyone with how good it was.  It was less touristy so cost less but was equally impressive with an amazing ancient olympic stadium that would hold 30,000.  The city dated back to 5000BC and streatched over 1square km.  Great to see.

Last night we arrived in Oludinaz a beach side village with towering mountains right beside the beach.  its the mecca of paragliding.  The 2 Dutchies on the trip wanted to have an orange party as it was their queens birthday, hence a good excuse for a dress up party so we organised some punch for the night and did a bit of limbo, skipping to mention just a few party games!

Today we walked down to the beach not far from our camp the water was a gorgeous blue and were able to go for a swim for the first time.  it was a bit rough and so sand just rocks and lots of them but it was a great spot to sit and sunbake as we waited for those on the trip to go paragliding.  All the groups were landing just at the top of the beach, those who went loved it and went upto 700m before jumping off the mountain.

Tomorrow we are off on a boat trip to see some islands and private coves, so should be a good day out.

 Steve came back today to say that the non Brits have their visas for iran so we are definiately going to Iran.  He is confident that the Brit should get theirs but he has to go back to Istanbul on monday to get them so hopefully they will be ready.

Stay posted. Heather and Russell.


From annie on May 2nd, 2009

hi just looked up aphrodisias and it looks amazing, bet it feels steeped in history being there, keep enjoying your trip and keep the blogs coming, take care xxx