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Troy and Ephesus

Written on: Tuesday April 28th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

Over the last few days we have visited both Troy and Ephesus ruins - they are both ancient cities.  Troy was a litttle bit disapointing as most of the ruins were covered in long grass making it hard to see them and they were in poor condition, with not many of the structures still standing.

Ephesus on the other hand was absolutely fantastic, with many structures still standing including a couple of ampitheatres and an amazing library - which we were lucky enough to be able to see tourist free so we have pics with no tourists in them Yah!

We had a bush camp on the way to ephesus and then camped in a camp ground by the beach not far from Ephesus which was nice.  Russ went fishing with another guy - no fish to be seen there was only a drunk Turkish man talking about gallipoli and inviting us for some Raki the next day.  So we had a good couple of days by the beach to chill out and relax and we even gave the truck a spring clean inside and out.

we had a few drinks at the bar the night before the clean, which turned into a very big night so cleaning was not a welcome thing the next day!

We are off for a bush camp tomorrow near Izmir and then onto Oludiniz for 3 nights by the beach again.

Bye for now Heather and Russell.