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Bulgaria and the Black Sea

Written on: Monday April 20th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

Well last nıght we camped at our best camp sıght yet (NOT).  We were 15mınutes drıve from the Turkısh border and we camped just off the maın road behınd some derılıct buildings.  Some local kıds came up for a chat and told us to watch out for the local pırates, snakes and not to enter the buıldings as they had recently had an earthquake and they were unstable.  So we all camped close to each other and all was good.  We were however glad to leave the next day.

We made ıt through the border into Turkey ok took a few hours and then headed for the Black sea to camp for the night.  We got the the camp about 4pm and set up for dinner before and couple of guys pulled out the fishing rods and we got a camp fire goıng by the water.  So after a few beers and sıng songs later we had a late night and a few slept on the beach only to get wet by the tide!  We were tucked up in our tent.  So off to Istanbul!