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Written on: Wednesday April 22nd, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

We arrıved ın İstanbul yesterday afternoon and spent the evening wanderıng around the grand bazzar and bought some clothes to wear to the Iranian embassy and whilst in İran!  İts a great look thats for sure.  Today we have wandered around the Blue mosque which is the famous mosque for Turkey and went into the Aya Sofya a museum which used to be a christian church and a mosque and had lots of mosaics and tiles in the decoratıons of it.  Very beautiful building, with the 4th biggest dome in the world.  After lunch a group of us went over to the Asia sıde of Istanbul and walked back over the brıdge ınto Europe, ıt was wındy as hell and freezıng.

We,ve just got back from watchıng the football  Besiktash  V Ankaraspor for the Turkısh Cup, but we left half way as we were all soaked to the skın and freezıng  the atmosphere was amazıng though the crowd was sıngıng the whole tıme.  The rıvalry between the teams ıs so great that the away supporters are not allowed to come to the matches as rıots start, so each team are banned from each others stadıums.

We are off to the Iranıan embassy tomorrow to try and collect our vısas, so hopefully wıll go ok but am sure they wıll gıve us a few hassles.  There,s an Amerıcan ın our group who cant enter Iran as he's amerıcan but the rest of us should be ok. 

Hopefully ın the arvo we wıll head to the tradıtıonal hamam for a tradıtıonal turkısh bath, to get a bath, scrub and massage, ıs meant to be fantastıc so we are all goıng to go ı thınk.

Off to Gallıpolı on Frıday for anzac day then travellıng to Troy after the anzac dawn servıce.

Photos stıll arent workıng but wıll get there.  Bye Heather and Russell


From becs on Apr 23rd, 2009

sounds amazing guys, trying to follow you on the map!! lots of unknown lands to find! btw, did we know u were going to iran?? eek, take care xxxx ps. happy wedding anniversary i think!!

From Em and Red on Apr 23rd, 2009

Hi Heather and Russ, Cant tell you how jealous we are looking at your travel updates. Glad you are enjoying yourselves - hope you have an amazing time at ANZAC day (definitely one of my highlights). Take care and keep the info and pics coming.........

From janine on Apr 24th, 2009

hi guys sounds like an amazing time and anzac day at gallipoli makes us very envious great to see you both well cant wait to read more

From annie on Apr 25th, 2009

love your updates sunds fantastic,am jealous of gallipolli, be CAREFUL in next stage and keep having a ball, sending lots of lovexx p.s did luggage limits apply to razor blades and shave cream? and whats with the greys creeping into that cool as beard?