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Written on: Friday April 17th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

We left Budapest 2 days ago and headed for Romania where instantly we realised that we were in a different country with lots of horse and carts and horses ploughing the paddocks and things.  Oh and stray cats and dogs!  We bush camped for 2 nights in the mountains and both nights we could see the snow on the mountains around us, needless to say that it was freezing in our tents and most people wore lots of clothes and were buying blankets the next day for extra warmth.  We were able to have a fire for the first time to cook our meals, so everyone was on the hunt for firewood and the guys got to chopping the wood, and yes Russ was a very capable little fire bug stoking the fire regularly till he got in trouble for putting on the wood we needed for brekky!

We made our way through Romania and were meant to go to the Dracula's castle in Transylvania but got there too late so we pushed on and went to Peles castle the next day which was very near a ski resort in the mountains.

We were on the cook group yesterday so we had to go shopping with Steve the tour leader and a couple of other guys so it was what has become the usual onoins, carrots, potato and what ever meat we can get.  We spent 60 pounds and the food we bought was to feed 37 for 2 days, so not bad budgeting there, all the meals have been ok, however, cant say the meal of spam did much for any of us though!

So last night in Bucharest ended up being a pretty big night on the grog for many with some sore heads this morning.  As we were in the cook group we slept on the truck so didnt get any sleep till everyone went to bed at 2-3am.  So we took great pleasure in waking everyone for brekky with loud calls and music and promises of bacon and big macs, only to discover that what was for breakfast - once again porridge!

We are in the city centre today, haven't really done much as we had no map and weren't really organised.  They do have the 2nd largest building in the world 2nd to the Pentagon, but we couldnt even find that!  Yes dumb I know but all the locals gave us different directions till we just gave up and went for coffee,  may I also add that there are no tourist info spots to get reliable info.  We did at least find our way into town on the local bus.

Romania, despite being primitive in some of the rural areas in their way of life it is a beautiful country particulary the Translyvania area and the mountains around there.  Lots of stray dogs however and a few girls have been chased trying to bush pee!

Off to Bulgaria tomorrow, not sure where we are going, but I think it will be bush camping again till we get to Istanbul on the 21st.

Sorry no pics the computer wont do it here will add some when we can.  So we are both well and having fun!

P.S Maur - we are still worknig on the gossip, we think there have been some 'friendships' forming on the truck, but no concrete evidence just wanderings in the night! Stay tuned.

Bye for now Heather and Russell.


From becs on Apr 18th, 2009

sound cool guys but yeah, the wees in the bush made me realise... where are you doing your business.....xxxxxxxxxx

From maur on Apr 18th, 2009

Sounds amazing Heath. I appreciate youre keeping me updated on the goss. Just back from a fantastic few days with the Carlins. Everyone is happy and well and very much looking forward to seeing you guys in a few months. Happy travels

From Ruth on Apr 18th, 2009

Glad to hear you're having fun. Hope you get to taste some dumplings while in Eastern Europe. Enjoy Anzac Day! Have been to the beach the last 2 days with A & C & S.

From annie on Apr 19th, 2009

i read a fantastic book a while ago on the history of dracula (count vlad!) and it was very detailed about all the castels and churches in that countryside which made me think it would be amazing to travel through so glad to hear its living up to its rep. keep us up with the goss we are thinking 'the bus' should end up rivalling 'days' if there are enough 'friendships ' on the go! ............. take care and keep having fun xxxxxxxxxxxx