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Vienna and Budapest

Written on: Monday April 13th, 2009

A journal entry from: London to Beijing overland!!

After driving from Prague to Vienna on Good Friday we spent 2 nights camping by the river in Klostenberg, just north of Vienna.  We had 1 full day to explore the city, so we just wandered around and went to some churches and other sites in the city before heading just west of the city to Vienna's Schonbronn palace and gardens, where they were busy having easter markets in the grounds.  The city was very beautiful, with the lovely old buildings and lots of parks to sit in and soak up the sun, we are gradually getting a sun tan again!  It has been one of the cleanest cities we have been to.

On Easter Sunday we drove into Hungary and arrived in Budapest in about 4-5 hours, the country side is beautiful with rolling hills and lots of wind turbines.  After we arrived we went up the top of this mountain close to the campsite which had views over the 2 cities Buda and Pest, divided by the Danube river.

Today we have been for a soak in one of the thermal baths here in the city which was great just to relax and watch the old locals play chess in the pools.  The weather is still great and are in shorts and singlets' Yah'

We are about to walk around the city centre of Pest before heading across the river to Buda, then back home which tonight is a campsite in the hills. 

We are off tomorrow east into Romania bush camping towards Translyvania and hoping to make it to Brasov, which is the home of Dracula's castle.  So we will have a few days and no showers again before arriving Bucarest(the capital of Romania).

We're off now, hope everyones well and had a good easter.

Bye Heather and Russell.




From Maur on Apr 14th, 2009

All very interesting but more interested in the bus goss? You know whos gunna be the first to root the driver???