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Written on: Wednesday May 7th, 2008

A journal entry from: New Orleans

Sorry no blog last night.  Too bushed, or perhaps too scared........

So our last day in New Orleans (Tuesday) what to do?  We, of course did the Garden District Tour on Monday to make sure we didn't get rained out on Wed, and of course it was a beautiful, beautiful day.  I did my "usual" (funny how quickly something can become your usual) and took my coffee down to the courtyard to sip while finishing off a book. Thus giving Frank a little time to sleep in.

I trundled back up stairs and quite sadly began to pack and clean and sort through the amazing amount of detritus that two people accumulate in even such a short amount of time.  Frankie woke up and off we went to purchase a pair of jeans from the Denim Store.  We figured we would just continue down Canal street away from the water to see what happens.  It turned rather dismal very quickly and we turned around and headed back to the French Quarter.

Frank needed to eat and proof some galleys so we went in search of a new place to eat.  We decided on the Court of the Two Sisters where Tennessee hung and wrote.  We were quite stoked until we saw the prices...someone is sure benefiting from the publicity a dead person can bring as we are sure he couldn't afford to eat there at those prices.  So we headed off to Cafe Beignet, another extremely well known little place that turns into a little jazz bar at 6:00 p.m. Steamboat Willie was playing there Tues. night.  But we had OTHER plans mwahaaaa..So Frank got settled and I headed off to find that one perfect little place or thing that I might be sorry I didn't see and of course, add to my little christmas stash.  Stopped back in at the Cafe to touch base with Frank and I'm stopped at the gate and told they were closed!  Yet there was Frank still drinking coffee and working.  So they let me wander in and I watched as they hauled equipment out...so decided to head out again, agreeing with Frankie to just meet back at the hotel.  Which was just as well as he wandered off and finished working at O'Brien's.

We headed out for dinner and a walk along the Mississippi while awaiting the piece de resistance.  So we waited at the corner of Decatur and St. Peter and waited and waited and waited to no avail.  So Frank pulled out his handy dandy little brochures and we headed off up St. Peter to Royal, but we overshot and had to turn back.  And all along the sidewalk there was this group of people with identifying tags on their shirts.  Obviously something was controlling our destiny and we were meant to miss both of the other tours and had to go along with the BEST tour of the hauntings of New Orleans!

There were so many people that they broke us up into 3 or 4 groups...although one of the groups was the Vampire Tour.  The fellow we got was a long time resident and history buff and was extremely charming, funny and unbelievably knowledgeable.  You'll have to wait for the stories because they are too long to blog and wouldn't be quite as exciting.  But it was certainly a highlight of the trip.  Although Frank had that LOOK in his eyes that we might need to come back and STAY in some of the places pointed out to us.  Over my dead body!!!  He left us off after a fabulous story of the first rebellion in the USA, and we went and had dessert and headed back to finish packing.

So we headed off this morning (Wed) leaving the hotel at 9:00, checking through security with NO problems this time and took our 12:30 flight to Atlanta!  Then we had to wait until 6:30 p.m. to catch our flight to Seattle (go figure).  Of course we are now on Eastern time.  We land in Seattle at 8:30 our time and go to find our bags.  As we're coming down the escalators we hear Frank's name being called.  Strange.  Then as I'm standing waiting for our bags I hear the same announcement and once again Frank's name and then my name are called.  Frank heads off to see what's up and returns with our luggage.  Apparently they got on the flight before us and arrived a good two hours ahead (why we couldn't be on the same flight we'll probably never know).  A long flight, and now you have to purchase your food on the plane even on a five hour flight, as well as the inflight movies and HBO and games.  The TV channels were free!!! However there was no reception.  But we are here in Seattle and tomorrow we catch the shuttle home.  With any luck we'll be on the 3:00 ferry out of Vancouver.  So other than perhaps Frank adding some highlights and maybe a few pictures.....this is it, the end...fini.


Frank here: the best part of the ghost tour was when we stopped in front of a restaurant called Marie's and our guide pointed out a table at the end of a long hallway, set and waiting for the proprietor. The dead proprietor, who still shows up on an occasional basis and is very unhappy if his table isn't ready for him. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

 And so, to round off our chronicle of our journey, the final few pics will follow. You can also visit the online magazine I edit, backofthebook.ca, and read my blog about New Orleans. Thanks for coming on our trip with us, everyone!



From Natty on May 8th, 2008

Pops, nice try trying to pimp out Back of The Book here, to bad only Conor,Aidan, and I read your silly blog - increased hit count, 3!!!!

From Phrank on May 9th, 2008

Um, you're not referring to that fine online magazine backofthebook.ca which had 6349 visitors last month, are you? Nah, didn't think so. Burrrn!!!