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The case of the Taj Mahal and the snowglobe keyrings

Written on: Monday March 16th, 2009

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

So if there's one place you'd be embarassed to miss when in India, it's the Taj.  With this attitude on us, we jumped on the train eastbound and spent a night in pure tourist hell - being set upon by young and old to give, buy and look-not-buy.

The worst was the persistence of the small children who insisted we needed a little keyring with the Taj Mahal in a snowglobe!  Globes magically hovered between our waist and shoulders wherever we walked, dangling from every small child's fingers for blocks around the main gates.  Now, I know its tragic these kids need to be entrepreneurs at 7 years old (however I feel slightly less guilty saying no to them than the ones wanting 5 rupees for a chapatti) but this does not make them any less annoying. 

Eventually these kids will grow older and move into selling mirrored elephant keyrings, postcards, pens, silk scarves, gems, marble coasters - with only a slightly better idea as to the difference between sales and harassment.

Anyway, back to the building behind such stress.  The Taj Mahal.  Slightly more grand and mysterious than all the pictures, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (of which there were many!).  Keep in mind that the talented artists bought from all over the empire to build this most magnificent memorial of love all had their hands unceremoniously chomped off afterwards so they couldn't re-create it anywhere else.  (That's the rumour anyway).  Kind of sums up our visit.  Beautiful but it comes with a lot of pain!