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Not-so-Holy Pushkar

Written on: Thursday March 12th, 2009

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

Pushkar is revered by Indians, based around a Holy Lake (on which Ghandi's ashes were scattered).  It's quite a popular place for tourists to come and 'find themselves' through meditation and yoga classes.


It's so holy, there's no alcohol, drugs or eggs allowed - and big signs telling you so.  Imagine our surprise when a few hours after arriving we are offered all three things, and in the above order! 


The lake is undergoing cleaning which doesn't make it particularly peaceful at the moment, and it seemed to us that the the locals need to make a buck out of us drinking/smoking/egg-eating tourists has unholified this place!


Thank Ganesh our hotel is such a haven!  A beautiful old building with the best restaurant in town (booze/drug/egg free) and a great place to relax.