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A Short Stop in Sydney

Written on: Thursday February 19th, 2009

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

I left you, dear reader, hanging from the Iguazu Falls sometime in early December.  Most of you will know that since then we have been hiking the mountains of Patagonia, enjoying beautiful  New Zealand's summer, sampling pies (steak and cheese is no. 1), wine, beers and fresh fruits from the bountiful trees.  We travelled the windy roads in the Hoodmobile and I even did a few hours work selling hot chips!    We were having such a good time that the blog came very low on the "fun list" and now I am very, very, very behind.

So now I have to cheat a little, and fast-track the travels to a point where I can keep them current.  So we find ourselves in Sydney for 5 days before our flight to India.  Some may say it is to investigate our next place of residence, but I say it was to see some of its quality inhabitants such as Sarah and Stewie (the communist travel agent duo), Louise and Gio (the Italian refugee workers) and Bungie and Mel (Hairy cousin and chocolatiers extraordinaire).