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Waterfalls and Parasites - Iguazu Falls

Written on: Thursday November 27th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

The best way I can describe Iguazu is to copy an email I sent to my sister (a nurse) at the time...

"Just been to Iguazu which was fantastic, what powerful falls to behold, hark.  The other interesting thing that I did was to give birth to a maggoty type parasite that was couched up in my shoulder, having a great fiesta unbeknownst to me for at least 2 weeks!  When I had a 3rd nipple rising out of my back I figured something was wrong and on closer inspection Al saw a little head poking out, but ducking back in when he tried to grab it.  Ewww!  So got myself to the doctor quick smart.  The nurse got all squeamish but called the doctor (after first checking I had money to pay).  He turned up in shorts and a t-shirt, cut it out and had a good poke around in there to check there were no babies.   If Argentina is meant to be the most "western" country on this continent, I'm glad I made it this far without anything else happening.  Lets just say the hygiene standards weren't top notch, I was thinking of the look on your face as I climbed onto the grimy bed face down into an old manky pillow.  The doctor didn't wash his hands, but at least he wore gloves, unlike the nurse who was helping him.   Al was in the corner watching, he took some photos but was distracted by the baby fetus in juice sitting on top of the filing cabinet.  hmmm.  They gave me my little fella in a little jar with alcohol (as a souvenir).

I think things like this happen when you turn a crusty 35.  I've got a toenail that is fungusy and about to drop off, cracked heels I paid a lady 7 pounds to scrape away and my sparkly greys desperately need a dye before I can attempt a glamorous entrance to Auckland International!"
Still not sure exactly WHAT that was in my back, but I've decided I don't want to know.  This is where I have to reveal that Al has somehow deleted all evidence of our travels thus far in Argentina.   Perhaps a lesson not to download photos with a hangover.  So the photos from the previous post were all stolen from images available on the internet.  Sorry for the deception guys.  And these photos of Iguazu are also stolen.  But all the tourists stand in the same places so I'm sure ours looked just like this (maybe even a bit better?!)