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Written on: Sunday September 7th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

Iīm cheating a bit here – Lima was our first stop when we arrived in South America, but that would have ruined my nice map line!!  

We stayed for 3 days in July before deciding to fly north to Colombia.  Although most of our time in Lima was spent in cafes (of both the coffee and internet variety) trying to plan our trip, we did manage to get into the old town and see the beautiful few blocks that make up the colonial centre.  The rest of Lima is pretty sprawling and grim so these pictures may give a distorted impression of what it is really like.


Itīs not a place worth seeing twice, so we stayed on the bus and completed our marathon bus journey of 26 hours to get to Arequipa much further south.  The coach company we used (aptly named Southern Cross in Spanish) were very comfortable buses with tv - a really nice change from Ecuadorīs transportation.  You pay a bit extra for them, but it was worth it when travelling this distance.  Itīs all just a blur of movies now – from Maverick to Lassie.


The taxi drivers in Peru arenīt as interested in us gringos like in Colombia and especially Ecuador.  There, we quickly had to learn how to say what our currency was, our major exports and average summer and winter temperatures (including our similarities with earthquakes, thermal regions and volcanoes).  Now we have to practice this stimulating conversation with each other, just so we donīt lose our newfound skills.