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A lucky visit to the worlds highest volcano, Cotopaxi

Written on: Tuesday August 19th, 2008

A journal entry from: Trails in 2008

Not one to accept gifts (especially from Australians!) but we made an exception when a fellow traveller won a trip to Cotopaxi Lodge, and couldnīt go so kindly donated it to us.  Cotopaxi is the worlds highest active volcano (5,900m) and is a very picturesque conical shape topped with some snow. The lodge is owned by a Kiwi and his Ecuadorian wife and has been built with sustainability in mind so we learned all about composting loos, talked renewables, played with the cutest lamb ever, patted the pregnant pig and pittied the guinea pigs fattening up in their pen.   

Most people who visit climb Cotopaxi, but Al was suffering from dodgy lungs so we decided not to do hard work at altitude and went horse riding around the base.  I had to coax Al (who will not admit it but is scared of horses) to go horseriding but the laugh was on me, as I got landed with a zebra who only knew how to trot, so I couldnīt sit down for the next week. 


Many thanks to Ryan the dirty ozzie for sponsoring this portion of the hairyhood journey!